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Tools for cutting Polycarbonate Sheets

Cutting Sunshield UV Protected Sheets and Sunlite Polycarbonate Sheets made easy! We are busting some myths on polycarbonate sheet cutting. Gone are the days when we get ripped off by hefty charges just to cut the sheets to our desired sizes. We’ve listed down some common tools needed and also some tips to help you successfully cut your polycarbonate sheets!

There are various and applicable tools used to cut polycarbonate sheets. It is always important to follow general recommendations of what equipment to be used. This ensures that the quality of the products will be utilized to their maximum extent. It is also important to note that once you have your measurements ready and marked, provide a few millimeters (mm) as the allowance for saw way cuts, ideally for non-professional installers an allowance of 12mm (6mm on the left side and 6mm on the right side) would be safe.

The Tools

1. Circular Saw – A circular saw is the best choice when cutting longer lengths of polycarbonate. Sunshield Polycarbonate Sheet gives you no worries in having issues about cracking or breaking due to the non-brittleness feature of the brand.

Circular Saw

2. Jigsaw – when using a jigsaw it is important that the sheet is firmly pressed during cutting to achieve a tight cut and desirable results.


3. Table saw – is an excellent tool for cutting polycarbonate sheets. This tool will give you much precise and clean-cut for your polycarbonate projects.

Table saw

4. Hand tools – Hand tools like hand shears are the most common type of tools used to cut thinner polycarbonate variants such as Sunshield Corrugated Sheets or Sunlite Jazz in small quantities.

Hand tools

You can easily cut your Sunshield UV Protected Polycarbonate Sheets or Sunlite Polycarbonate Sheets on your own now. Other than the tools mentioned above it is highly recommended to wear protective gear for your hands, eyes, and face.

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