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polycarbonate roofing



Sunshield Polycarbonate Sheets offers the widest Corrugated Sheets choices and available colors. Here are its following features and why its the best options for your industrial/commercial and residential roofing needs:

Helps save energy cost, High Weather resistance, Self-extinguishing, Lightweight, Provides comforting ambience, Maximum design freedom aesthetic also fast and easy to install. Sunshield Corrugated Sheets are named as follows: GRECA, ARTISTE, VINTAGE and MINI.

And here's the full video of how easy to install Sunshield Corrugated Sheets are.

You see, it's just easy to install a corrugated sheet however in order to achieve a well polished work, trust and call the experts. There is also a variety of options and dimensions you can use for your roofing needs.

Interested to know more? Call us at 0998 964 6900 now or send us an email at for Luzon: or for Visayas and Mindanao:

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