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polycarbonate roofing



Sunlite Twinwall Sheets provide natural light transmission without the build up of heat penetrating the roofing, providing a comforting warmth level pass through. It is a type of polycarbonate sheet that is not only "Sulit sa Tibay" but is also lightweight, durable and impact resistant, definitely a better choice for your roofing system compared to glass and acrylic.

And, Twinwall Sheets are easy to install. Below is the guide to do this.

First, prepare all the necessary accessories such as

- Stainless Tex Screw

- Polycarbonate H-Clip

- Polycarbonate U-Clip

- Tapes (Porous Filtering Tape, Self Adhesive Tape, Aluminum Sealing Tape)

- Sunshield Neutral Cure Silicone Sealant

Second, prepare the necessary tools, the safety gears like gloves, googles and hard hat and make sure the frame is free from any types of dirt.

Lastly, for a polished work, trust and call the experts from Sunlite Polycarbonate Sheets.

To know how to install a Twinwall Sheet, watch this video.

With many dimensions and colors to choose from, there's no denying that Sunlite Twinwall polycarbonate sheets got you covered, for a strong material that is ideally used for roofing applications.

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