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polycarbonate roofing



Part of the care and maintenance of polycarbonate sheets is knowing why you shouldn’t remove the protective film until it is installed.

Here are the 2 simple reasons why there is a protective film:

1. The protective film protects the polycarbonate sheets from getting scratches and dents during transportation and preparation. The film should be left on even during the cutting and pre-boring of screws to the polycarbonate sheets.

2. To show you which side has UV Coating. The film on the UV Protected side is marked with this side up, meaning the side that should be faced towards the sun.

Note that the protective film must not be removed until the polycarbonate sheets are installed. And the way to remove it is by pulling the film starting from the edges.

Tip: Peel off approximately 50 mm on all sides of the SOLID SHEET.

Furthermore, below are instructions that must be followed to keep the polycarbonate sheets useful and damaged-free.

1. If storage of SOLID SHEET on site is inevitable store the pile indoors and protect it with anti-weathering covers. If storage outside is unavoidable take precautionary measures as to not damage the Sheets.

2. Do not step directly on the SOLID SHEET since it may damage the material. Use a flat and sturdy surface to evenly distribute the installer’s weight onto the Polycarbonates if this scenario is unavoidable. Remember that a polycarbonate sheet is not designed to support one’s weight.

3. The polycarbonate sheets with its protective film must not be stored under direct sunlight as this will cure into the sheets and become impossible to remove.

The above mentioned are a MUST to avail the 10 years warranty for Sunshield Polycarbonate Sheets and 5 years warranty for Sunlite. Also, so the polycarbonate sheet will last for many more years.

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