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polycarbonate roofing



Polycarbonate sheets are ideally suited for roofing applications – both commercial and residential use. They are designed with glazing systems that support the sheets, making them strong, lightweight, and UV protected.

Choosing polycarbonate roofing sheets requires precise measurement and size selection because the sheets must fit between the roof beams. Polycarbonate sheets can also be cut to any size or shape, which makes them ideal for a variety of roof styles, such as canopies and gable end roofs.

When selecting Sunshield Solid polycarbonate sheets for various uses, there’s also a variety of thicknesses available and its corresponding framing distance that everyone should know:


Thermal movement of the roofing sheets must be taken into consideration, which will expand and contract as a result of daily temperature variations. Following the proper framing distance will ultimately help your sheets to last long.

These sheets must be installed with the UV-protected side facing the sun, just look for the sticker indicating the UV-protected side. Additionally, be careful not to scratch the sheets while installing them as this could damage the UV shield.

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