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Rainbow in my Garden

I often find myself lost in thought every afternoon while basking myself with the intensifying heat of the Sun, lying down on the soft leaves of Sir Walter Buffalo by the garden bed. I am an adventurer type and I usually spend the afternoon roaming around a nearby forest within our cabin house. Wandering throughout the cool shade of the Douglas-fir and Lodgepole pine, embracing the breeze while listening the carefree tune of the forest animals. I used to do that, spending the days now dragging my left leg with a cast on it. A swift right turn with my bicycle had changed me. Spending the afternoon outdoor was never the same. It was somewhat a regret that cannot be undone. Now, lying by the garden bed at the back of our house was seems to be my past time. Reminiscing how fun it was before. One morning, while doing some chores that I can do at home, I stumble across an old book. It seems to be one of the collections of my late grandfather who used to travel around and brings home a book in his hands. I looked at it as it was like a mysterious item that a cave man found. I am never a reader, for a book bores me. Though the book cover fascinates me as it was very cartoonish and childish one, never had a thought that grandpa could bring home such as this, I shrug to myself. The book had brown edges with hues of yellow and green with the front cover image of a turtle and an apple tree which seems to be drawn just within or below my age bracket. It says Turtle Tale at the top and Frank Asch at the bottom, old bolded in yellowish-brown text color. I stood there like for 2 minutes and I just keep on staring on the covers. I flip a page and it has somewhat drawn me to something I didn’t expect. It was just a 32 pager picture book and had run it through within 15 minutes. Yeah, it took me time to finish it because I was absorbing it colorful pages as well as picturing it out how the little turtle became a wise one from passing through obstacles in his life. It felt like I was outside and was with the little turtle doing what he was trying to achieve, accomplishing his goal without complains. I closed it with a contented feeling but it seems I am looking for more. Looking through my grandpa’s stuff in the storage area, I found a box full of adventures. A box full of several thickness and colors of books, I took it out even though it was filled with dust. I grabbed one and scanned the front and back covers, went to another one, and another one, until I took out everything, blowing away the dust on it. Now my cleaning chores have worsened and have to deal more of it. My father saw me as I was so absorbed in reading the books lying with me outside while I was on my back on the soft grass and the book in my hand. My father handed me a cold drink as the sun was rising high and he don’t want me to get dehydrated. It drawn to him that I enjoyed reading outside as it was his guilty pleasure also rather than staying indoors. With several woods on the back of the house, he made a small patio just beside the Acacia Salicina and the flowering bed of azaleas, mountain laurels and bloodroot. On top of the patio is a Sunlite Jazz – Clear Polycarbonate sheet that brings a light shade as I read my book throughout the day. It brings appropriate light to pass through up to 75% of visible light transmission and only around 50% of the sun’s heat is able to penetrate the interior. Reading has been so much fun. Even though I can barely walk, reading books took me to greater lands, an adventure that’s wider than the plains my eyes can see. Reading allows me to travel to places I have never been to. It enhances my knowledge, stretches my imagination, be able to meet and mingle with fictional or historical people from each ink of its pages. I have never thought that one thing that I have taken for granted before, things that has been around the house, will change me into someone that I have never thought that I could be a book lover. Hanging out on my favorite hang-out place could be my express lane for adventures, one book at a time.



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