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Sunshield Polycarbonate Sheet Superiority

Sunshield Solid Polycarbonate Sheet is the best alternative to glass. This material is cheaper, lightweight, and durable. Also available in a variety of colors that may help you achieve your design ideas. Solid Polycarbonate sheet is superior in transmission and impact strength which is suitable for application that is needed for natural light, such as greenhouses and skylight roofing.

Solid polycarbonate sheet has a lot of advantages to offer. In this write up we will discuss the solid polycarbonate sheet superiority. This material can be a good choice for your roofing, partitions, and all other application requirements.

Sunshield Polycarbonate Sheet advantages

  1. UV Protection – coated with a high density of UV protecting agents. These make Sunshield Polycarbonate Sheet shielded against the deteriorating effect of UV radiation.

  2. Uniform Clarity – Virtually no pinholes or extrusion marks can be found on our polycarbonate sheets. Made from 100% virgin raw materials which make the Sunshield Polycarbonate Sheets superb in clarity.

  3. Wide Variety – Sunshield Polycarbonate offers a broad range of thicknesses and lengths to choose from. Our thickness ranges from 0.6mm up to 6mm and lengths up to 30 meters. This is absolute freedom to bring about your project’s technical and aesthetic specifications.

  4. Easy to Bend – Sunshield Polycarbonate Sheet is more than 200 times stronger than glass. The material has much more beneficial attributes which you would surely like. This material can be cold bent to make a curve without cutting them. A flexible and durable material you need.

  5. Warranty – Sunshield Polycarbonate Sheet is the only brand that offers a 10 years warranty against brittleness and discoloration which one of the customer benefit that you must also and should have.

Choosing the right product will result in saving a lot of money, time, and effort. These advantages are just a few of many of the brilliant advantages you need to make the most out of your ideas on your projects now and in the near future.

Please visit the LINK to know more about the products and the best feature of Sunshield UV Protected Polycarbonate Sheets.



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