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Sunshield Father’s Day Testimonial Contest

Half of the year this day is being celebrated. Time of the month to remind us that someone has been our shield of any challenges that life has given, protected us from harm and provided us his family’s needs.

Shout out to the Best Dad and let your stories be heard as how your Father breakthrough challenges in life and family and why #MyDadisaSunshield in this Father’s Day Contest. The selected testimonial will be featured on our Facebook page. #IamSunshieldUVProtected.


1. Participant, to post a picture of him/her with his father with the caption answering the question “How does my father become my #Sunshield?”

2. Entries must be posted in the participants’ Facebook page using the hashtag #MyDadisaSunshield #IamSunshieldUVProtected .

3. Participant should tag @Sunshield on his/her post

4. Criteria for judging as follows:

· Relativity of the answer to the question- 20% (to be judged by 3 SEA Olympus Marketing, Inc. Supervisors/Managers)

· Sunshield Factor of the caption- 30% (to be judged by 3 SEA Olympus Marketing, Inc. Supervisors/managers)

· Most Number of Shares – 30%

· Number of Likes & Reactions – 20%

5. The contest will start on May 21,8:00 AM and will end on June 11 , 12:00 NN


· 1st prize- 2500 worth of SM GC

· 2nd prize -1500 worth of SM GC

· 5 Consolation Prizes Worth 500 SM GC each

Note: All winners will be called via phone by our representative on June 13 for claiming process.


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