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polycarbonate roofing


Q1 2019 Sunshield Twinwall Promo

A great start of the year and a promo that you want to grab! Shelter your year with a DISCOUNTED PRICE of Sunshield Polycarbonate Twinwall Sheets!

A high performance engineered thermoplastic sheet made from 100% virgin material with unbeatable strength, lightweight feature and UV protection.

Twinwall Polycarbonate Sheets are hollow sheets that is best for varied roofing, cladding and glazing applications in construction, industrial, advertising, agriculture, and DIY industries.

Sunshield Twinwall Sheets offers you 10% Discount on all Sizes and Colors, except the Bronze color. This promo is valid March 31, 2019 so grab your very own twinwall now!

Click here to know more! For inquiries, call us at +639175364265, or email us at


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