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polycarbonate roofing


How much could you save?

How much could you save? A question that everyone wants to know. People want to save some extra from their recent paycheck, or be able to invest it on something that they want but just unable to do so because of electricity bills. Or save it up for emergency purposes that we want to prepare, just in case.

One of the best saving that we can work on with our electric bills is if we will be able to lessen the use of it. The less you use, the less you pay. Easy to say, huh? Well, considering the weather, it might not be that easy. The weather is unpredictable. I mean, it can be sunny but fine and sometimes, sunny but very hot, to which we resort on our electric fans and/or air conditioning system, which beats the purpose of using less to save more.

Another thing to consider is regarding the visibility of the room. We have some rooms that even though it is morning, the light that enters the room isn’t that much to look for your keys or your sim card at some table perhaps. To rectify this, we flip on the lights of the room. That’s another add-on to our bills even it was just turned on for some time. A time use is a time spent, and money of course.


“The LESS you burn, the MORE you earn.”


The less we use our electricity, the more we can make use of our money instead of paying electric bills.

One trick to get this done is just above our head. It can’t be your hair or something. I am talking about our roof. The roof of our houses. The roof that puts shade into our home and shelters us from heat and rain. Our roof plays a major role in saving electricity. It protects us from extreme heat of the sunlight, which brings shade into our home.

Ideal also to have a proper dimension of our houses so that the light transmission will be better during daytime and provides us good lighting in absence of using our electric-powered lightings.

Good shade and light transmission are something that we need, and our Sunshield Twinwall are the best choice.

Twinwalls are polycarbonate sheets with hollow spacing which serves as an additional insulation to the material where heat that is transmitted through the sheet is cooled down providing comforting ambience with a sufficient skylight.


Sunshield Twinwall is a high-quality hollow polycarbonate sheet with a 90-degree angular support which makes it more durable and highly resistant to infrared and heat transmission and it is made with 100% Virgin Materials. With a thickness of 6mm and its 90-degrees aesthetics, light transmission ranges from 30% and it is Double Coated UV Protected film which gives good lighting but does not make the room very hot. A roof that allows significant amount of light to pass, minimizing the use of electricity for lighting during daytime and also insulates the heat to reduce the use of air conditioning to cool the room.

Sunshield Twinwall is also lightweight also, with a gross weight per meter squared of 1.49kg; installation will be easy and can save labor cost. It is also high in weathering resistance, able to withstand adverse or extreme weather conditions, whether under hot tropical heat or cold weather and thunderstorms. Sunshield Twinwall is superior in protection against the deteriorating effect of UV radiation and does not discolor or becomes brittle.

It is also self-extinguishing and can be cold-bend, and its supreme versatility offers numerous opportunities for a stylist yet functional roof and sidewall glazing designs.

  1. Lessen the usage of electric fan and air conditioning during hot weather? Check!

  2. Sufficient lighting on the room without switching on the lights during daytime? Check!

  3. Leak-free and great impact and weathering resistance? Check!

  4. Durable and long lasting? Check!

  5. Lightweight and easy to install, reducing labor cost? Check!

With all of these properties and features, you can really save for more than just your electricity bill. Any place that requires sunlight without the harmful UV rays, Sunshield Twinwall is your BEST CHOICE!

Let Sunshield Twinwall brings light and comfort to your home.



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