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Mirror Cutting Technique with Sunshield Corrugated Sheets

Sunshield corrugated sheets are common roofing materials, which are frequently confused with galvanized iron sheets and plastic roofing sheets. Nevertheless, these kinds of sheets are lightweight, flexible, and manufactured entirely from 100% virgin polycarbonate raw materials that have an unrivaled strength. In like manner, Sunshield features two distinct corrugation patterns; angular and circular.

Angular and circular corrugated sheets provide outstanding transmission and have the ability to both absorb and block damaging and harmful UV radiation making it an excellent roofing material which works best for covered courts, garage, greenhouses, roof decks, skylights, waiting sheds, and many other applications anyone could think of.

Sunshield has the durability to withstand unfavorable or harsh weather changes. It is designed to resist all weather conditions, including the intense summer heat and rainy season. It also offers extraordinary strength, making it almost impossible to break, and lowers the chance of catastrophic damages that could cause unneeded inconvenience to our daily routine.

During installation, there is a process called mirror cutting. This is when two corrugated sheets overlap with certain number of crest, the top of corrugation, and once the desired measurement of sheet is acquired, cutting it cautiously is the next thing to do. Use cutter blade to do this. This is a cutting technique that can be done swiftly.

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