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Advantages of using Sunshield Polycarbonate Sheets

One of the Advantages of using Sunshield Polycarbonate Sheets is that it is a strong, durable, and flexible product made of high performance engineered thermoplastic sheet that is produced using 100% Virgin materials. It weighs six times lesser than a glass still it has the same strength and durability and is highly resistant to cracks and damages.

Polycarbonate sheets are way expensive in the past. That is why it is usually available at commercial establishments such as high-end restaurants, famous cafes, and lounges. But over time, a lot of people slowly realize the benefits and advantages of using Polycarbonate Sheets.

Because of the high demand for this item, it gradually becomes less expensive making it easily accessible for regular person. At present, you can see a lot of houses use Polycarbonate sheets for roofing and other purposes. Polycarbonate roofings are common on patio, gardens, kitchens, and garage.

The multiple benefits that Sunshield Polycarbonate sheets offer are the main reason why it is highly in demand. Listed below are some of the advantages of using Sunshield Polycarbonate Sheets that you will surely enjoy.

Advantages of using Sunshield Polycarbonate Sheets:

100% virgin materials

100% Virgin Materials

– Raw materials used to produce Sunshield is fresh and new. This enables it to have a superior quality such as high clarity and better durability.

High impact resistance

High Impact Resistance

– Compared to glass Sunshield Polyarbonate sheets have a higher impact resistance. It is also shatter-resistant making it safe for public use.

Cold curving

Cold Curving

–  Sunshield can be bend at room temperature. There is no need to use heatgun for bending it. This is one of the advantages of using Sunshield Polycarbonate sheets. This will also make the installation process much easier.

High weathering resistance

High Weathering Resistance

–Sunshield Polycarbonate Sheets uses 100% virgin materials. Making this product extremely durable. It can withstand adverse or most extreme weather conditions. It has superior protection against tropical heat, cold weather, and thunderstorm. The sheet is protected against UV rays. The Polycarbonate sheets do not discolor and become brittle easily.

Self Extinguishing


– This guarantee that the PC sheet won’t be the cause and source of fire. It won’t also help in spreading fire and toxic fumes that can lead to danger and risks on a person or a property. Its V2 fire material contributes to its self-extinguishing feature.

Comforting ambiance

Gives Comforting Ambiance

– Because of its excellence in light transmission, it can provide natural light and an overall perspective effect. It also helps minimize the use of electricity that greatly cut energy costs.

These are some of the benefits and advantages of using Sunshield Polycarbonate Sheets. Installing it on your property offers a lot of positive results. This will help improve the overall condition of your house or establishment.



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